I currently teach at the University of Amsterdam, Department of Dutch Linguistics and am involved in four undergraduate programs in the 2017–2018 academic year: Dutch Language and Culture, Linguistics, Amsterdam University College, and the brand-new program Cognition, Language and Communication.

See courses below, click for classes for high school students and their teachers, a short class for elementary school kids, or check Facebook (Dutch or CLC) to see what (else) we’re up to. Have you seen the Linguistics webinar?


Semester 1: Introduction to Linguistics (seminars) and Taalontwikkeling (seminars, course coordinator).

Semester 2: Inleiding Algemene Taalwetenschap en Nederlandse Taalkunde (in artikelen) (seminars, course coordinator) and Linguistics.


2013–2018. Lecturer, Taalontwikkeling (Language Development)

Obligatory second-year undergraduate course in the B.A. Dutch Language and Culture. Students learn how to analyze and investigate properties of Dutch by studying language acquisition, variation and change. They also carry out a small research project. Team-taught course. Course coordinator in 2016–2017 and 2017–2018. 12 EC, Semester 1, 12 weeks.

This course received the Onderwijsprijs 2016! The Onderwijsprijs is an annual award for best undergraduate course offered by the College of Humanities.


2013–2016. Lecturer, Onderzoekswerkgroep Taalkunde (Linguistics Research Supervision)

Undergraduate thesis/capstone course in the B.A. Dutch Language & Culture for Dutch Linguistics majors. Topics cover breadth of Dutch linguistics program. Theses co-supervised: 32. 12 EC, Semester 2, 12 weeks.


2009–2013. Instructor, Dutch and Academic Writing

I taught five different Dutch and academic writing courses (all on rotation throughout the school year) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences to undergraduates, and privately coached school employees. I also co-supervised a bachelor’s thesis in Small Business and Retail Management.